The Course

Dive into the digital realm with a course tailored to equip you with the skills to thrive in the online universe. It's all about learning to wield the tools of the trade—think social media mastery, content creation wizardry, and digital marketing savvy. You'll unravel the mysteries behind SEO, demystify algorithms, and become a pro at engaging with audiences across various platforms. This isn't just another run-of-the-mill tutorial; it's your path to becoming a digital force that stands out in the bustling virtual crowd.

Think of this as your launchpad to not just surviving but ruling the online space. Whether you're aiming to grow your personal brand, catapult your business into the spotlight, or just enhance your digital dexterity, the practical skills you'll hone here can be directly applied to your projects the minute you log off from class. You're not just learning—you're empowering yourself to create, connect, and conquer the online landscape like never before. So, lock in and get ready to transform all that online potential into tangible success!

What you will learn

As I was piecing together this course, I kept you—the beginner—in mind, making sure that each module was digestible, actionable, and, above all, empowering. It's designed to guide you step by step, breaking down complex concepts into friendly, easy-to-understand chunks. Picture a toolbox being handed to you; that's how well equipped you'll feel once you've gone through the lessons. I've been right there in the trenches, so I know the roadblocks you might face and have tailored the content to anticipate and address them. Trust me, by the end of this journey, you'll look back at how far you've come and you'll be thrilled at how organized and supportive the learning path has been. Topics include:

  1. Amazing Brain Mix-media Drawing
  2. Positive Self-Talk
  3. I Love My Body
  4. Making Mistakes
  5. Friendship
  6. Understanding Anger
  7. Asking for Help
  8. Gratitude

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Your instructor

We believe getting lost in your creativity helps you find who you are. That our range of psycho-educational and artful counselling programs can empower teens, tweens, children and adults to live a heartful life. One where their true colours shine. Where they can read and manage their emotions through life’s ups and downs. With ease.

This is our founder, Jen Ryan. Jen is a former High School Guidance Counsellor and Visual Arts Teacher with 12 years of experience. Jen holds a Master's in Education, a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Bachelor of Business. Jen nurtures growing minds through innovative art programs as she equips them with tools to navigate their world.